Why Façade Access Consultancy is Important

The façade of a modern building is one of the most expensive and important elements of building construction and can represent up to 35% of construction costs. Façades represent the manifestation of the Architect’s expectation of the external appearance of a building. They are the primary environmental modifier having the greatest effect on carbon use over any other element of the construction and are the element that has the greatest level of historic failure. This asset needs to be maintained and protected.

As such, it is critical that a robust access and maintenance strategy is considered at the early design stages and is implemented to facilitate proper cleaning and maintenance and cleaning of this important asset.

It is counter intuitive to think of proper access systems as being lower cost over the life of a building compared to rope access, but this can be demonstrated and is particularly relevant to clients that retain their buildings after completion.

“With buildings becoming taller, and façades becoming more complex, a well-designed access strategy can be an invaluable tool in the proper maintenance of the face of any building.

At Wintech, we have developed a range of services that provide a holistic approach to the engineering, design and specification of façade access systems which will provide the necessary access provisions for cleaning, general maintenance, repairs, and glass replacement that will facilitate the avoidance of unnecessary challenges during the life of the building.

“Unfortunately, all too often façade access is considered as an afterthought, leading to areas of a façade that cannot be accessed when the need arises. This can result in disruption to tenants and the need for the implementation of expensive temporary measures.”

Liam Shepherd

Head of Façade Access Consultancy

The early engagement of specialists allows the key requirements to be coordinated and properly designed in the building form. This typically will include structural loadings imposed by equipment at ground level, roof level and on the façade. The Façade Access Engineer naturally works in close collaboration with the Façade Engineers an other members of a team to provide fully co-ordinated systems that minimize the risk of damage from equipment when in use.

Wintech strategies will consider the access requirements to the building façades, and our early services allow for informed, best value decision making by the Client and team with the aim that final solutions are as cost effective and practicable to operate.

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