3D printing has fast become a revolutionary disruptive technology in the façade industry and a must-have for the development of complex façade and cladding systems.

Façade Design and Systems Engineering are prime examples of rapid prototyping facilitating the development of complex fitting components and providing the assurance that the capital outlay in tooling for individual components is not wasted with abortive trial production.

It also helps the public understand how parts can look and feel when made, allowing for feedback on the general aesthetic appearance and provides a useful contributor to the iterative development process.

Wintech’s investment in this in-house technology allows the easy execution of unique forms straight from CAD files.

Also known as additive manufacturing, it is one of the most effective ways for all parties on a project to discuss and demonstrate their ideas on a proposed façade or building. Formerly a future technology, 3D printing now forms a fundamental element of any design and development process or Façade Engineering project whether project specific or for bespoke applications.

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