BIM Modelling - Merano

Building Information Modelling is a process of managing the use of digital 3D building models to facilitate collaboration in the design process. A BIM model contains all the information necessary to define the project design. The use of BIM has demonstrated benefits in both design and construction, improving quality, lowering costs and reducing schedules. As a result of these benefits, the use of BIM will become mandatory on most publicly funded projects in the UK. Wintech has taken a leading role in the generation and implementation of BIM façade design models, helping to implement this technology specifically within the façade industry.

For the façade engineer, Building Information Modelling can allow for greater, more effective communication of details and quantities of a building between designers, architects and construction workers. The model is shared usually in a 3D digital form with significantly greater accuracy. The distribution of this information creates an ideal environment for those involved on a project to work together efficiently and effectively, with any changes being taken care of more immediately and cost effectively. A BIM model can also be used to perform analysis on important elements such as daylighting, thermal acoustical, structural and cost estimation at key points in the design and construction process, holding sustainability principles.