complex geometry

Traditional boundaries limiting architectural vision and concept or sustainability aspirations no longer apply to modern architecture. Many contemporary state of the art buildings require advanced design techniques to successfully implement complex geometry façade designs.

Wintech believes that balancing form and function should not be a constrictive process. Offsite construction methods utilised to execute such complex façades require highly accurate and carefully co-ordinated design information. To maintain cost plans, robust design solutions must be employed which can be efficiently installed.

Utilising bespoke systems is often the only viable solution for highly complex façades. An in depth understanding of façade system solutions, materials and manufacturing methods is essential. Wintech is the market leading façade consultancy providing strategic advice. Our team provides a complete pallet of skills necessary to assist with the most ambitious complex geometry façades. An integrated approach embodies architectural vision and aesthetics with practical experience of robust design solutions and inspiration required to go beyond industry boundaries.

Irregular façade surfaces, single curved, bi-curved, twisted or free forms surfaces developed from discrete planar elements create complex geometry. A key element of Wintech’s research has been the optimisation of complex geometric surfaces. Wintech have developed unique optimisation algorithms to deliver the most efficient panelisation study possible for a given form. Available techniques can regularise panels within irregular curved surfaces. Gradient similarities within different sections are analysed to enhance the use of repeating panel configuration. Finite amounts of deviation from nodal points may be specified to further optimise the façade construction. Deviation may be either be limited to the surface plane only or deviations in façade depth may also be allowed.