Fire engineering cannot be understood in isolation and is perhaps better regarded as creating the opportunity to achieve a balance between the competing demands of design, sustainability, functionality and fire performance.

Scope of services

We offer a complete range of fire engineering services designed and tailored to suit each specific project.

  • Forensic Surveying Services
  • Fire Engineering Design
  • Defect Analysis
  • EWS1 Surveys / Reports
  • FRAEW (Fire Risk Assessment External Wall) (PAS 9980)
  • Development of Fire Strategies (New Build, Change of Use, Existing Buildings)
  • Technical Design Review (Building Regulations, British Standards and Applicable Codes)
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Project Monitoring
  • Materials Testing & Analysis**

Note: **(Where these are part of the delivery of other services only)

In addition to our enviable track record within Façade Engineering, is our ability to bridge the gaps which are often left through the use of separate consultancy appointments.

Our expertise within façade engineering and fire engineering gives us the ability to provide a seamless service from concept to completion, where design innovation, sustainability, functionality and fire performance are considered holistically within projects to provide practical and robust solutions”

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