Wintech was founded in 1983 by Chris Macey, who is the current Chairman. Wintech Group has steadily expanded over the years and now employs approximately 100 people in a range of specialist disciplines solely focused on the science of façade engineering.

The initial business consisted of a selection of engineers with unmatched expertise in all facets of façade design and the practical application of bespoke and standardised façade solutions. This in turn generated a wealth of hands-on experience and provided the opportunity for the company to diversify into all aspects of this now highly specialised field.

The company continued to grow throughout its long history, capitalising on the development of a strong overseas market and benefitting from the recruitment of key people from the industry.

Wintech is committed to the continued development of its team through a programme of education. We have consistently been the largest supporter of the Masters Degree course in Façade Engineering at the University of Bath, which has now relocated to the University of the West of England in Bristol and is the only UK course that specialises in façade engineering. We are also undertaking research projects with both Keele University and the University of Cambridge as part of a PhD development programme. Wintech's consultancy team consists of engineers with an MSc in Façade Engineering and who are also fully accredited Members or Fellows of the Society of Façade Engineering. Several members of the team hold Doctorates in their specialised fields.

The business is totally commercially independent within industry and is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for façade engineering. With offices in London and Wolverhampton, our company comprises of specialists including engineers and scientists. The head office surrounded by a green belt in Wolverhampton boasts an in-house gym and also chargepoints for electric vehicles in the car park.

Wintech’s influence extends from assisting in the writing of International Standards and Codes of Practice through to the design and audit of major façade projects and the development of many aluminium systems commonly used within industry. From this base of expertise the group’s façade engineering test laboratory, Wintech Engineering Limited, was born.

Over their history, Wintech have been involved in a number of the world’s most important building projects including those that are amongst the tallest in the world. The company’s diverse client base ranges from small contracting businesses right through to Royal clients and major stock market listed companies.


EN: Facade design engineering consultancy services; design and consultancy services relating to building envelopes, facades, curtain walling and glazing for buildings; design and consultancy services relating to the construction and installation of metallic structures for buildings, in particular facades and curtain walling; design of building facades, curtain walling, glazing and other metal and non-metallic structures for buildings.

FR: Services d'assistance liés à l'étude de conception de façades; Services de conception et d'assistance liés à la construction d'enveloppes, façades, mursrideaux et vitrages pour bâtiments; Services de conception et d'assistance liés à la construction et à l'installation de structures métalliques pour bâtiments, en particulier façades et murs-rideaux; Conception de façades pour bâtiments, mursrideaux, vitrages et autres structures métalliques et non métalliques pour bâtiments.

IT: Consulenza tecnica in materia di progettazione di facciate; Progettazione e consulenza in materia di involucri edili, facciate, tramezzi e vetrate per edilizia; Progettazione e consulenza relativi alla costruzione ed installazione di strutture metalliche per edifici, in particolare facciate e tramezzi; Progettazione di facciate edili, tramezzi, vetrature ed altre strutture in metallo e non metalliche per edifici.

ES: Servicios de consultas de ingeniería de diseño de fachadas; Servicios de diseño y consultas en relación con envolventes de construcción, fachadas, muros cortina y acristalado para construcciones; Servicios de diseño y consultas relacionados con la construcción e instalación de estructuras metálicas para construcciones, en particular fachadas y muros cortina; Diseño de fachadas de construcciones, muros cortina, acristalamiento y otras estructuras metálicas y no metálicas para construcciones.

DE: Beratung zu Fassadenbau und Fassadengestaltung; Entwurf und Beratung in Bezug auf Gebäudehüllen, Fassaden, Vorhangfassaden und Bauverglasung; Entwurf und Beratung in Bezug auf Bau und Installation von Metallkonstruktionen für Gebäude, insbesondere Fassaden und Vorhangfassaden; Entwurf und Bau von Fassaden, Vorhangfassaden, Verglasungen und anderen Metall- und Nichtmetallkonstruktionen für Gebäude.

DA: Teknisk konsulentbistand vedrørende design af facader; Design og konsulentbistand vedrørende bygning af beklædning, facader, ikke-bærende murværk og glaspartier til bygninger; Design og rådgivningsvirksomhed i forbindelse med konstruktion og installation af konstruktioner af metal til bygninger, særlig facader og ikke-bærende murværk; Design af bygningsfacader, ikkebærende murværk, glaspartier og konstruktioner, ikke af metal, til bygninger.

NL: Technische raadgeving inzake gevelontwerp; Ontwerp en raadgeving met betrekking tot gebouwbekleding, gevels, gordijngevels en beglazing voor gebouwen; Ontwerp en raadgeving met betrekking tot de bouw en installatie van metalen constructies voor gebouwen, met name gevels en gordijngevels; Ontwerp van gebouwgevels, gordijngevels, beglazing en andere, al dan niet metalen constructies voor gebouwen.

SV: Ingenjörs- och konsultationstjänster avseende fasadutformning; Formgivning och konsultation avseende byggnadshöljen, fasader, icke-bärande ytterväggar och glasning för byggnader; Formgivning och konsulttjänster relaterade till konstruktion och installation av metallstrukturer för byggnader, speciellt fasader och ickebärande ytterväggar; Fasadutformning, icke-bärande ytterväggar, glasrutor och annan metall och icke-metalliska strukturer för byggnation.

PT: Serviços de consultadoria em engenharia no domínio da conceção de fachadas; Serviços de conceção e de consultadoria relacionados com invólucros de edifícios, fachadas, fachadas-cortina e elementos envidraçados para edifícios; Serviços de conceção e de consultadoria relacionados com a construção e a instalação de estruturas metálicas para edifícios, em especial fachadas e fachadas-cortina; Conceção de fachadas de edifícios, fachadas-cortina, elementos envidraçados e outras estruturas metálicas e não metálicas para edifícios.