complex geometry

Complex façade design efficiency improved using parametric technique.

A breakthrough by façade engineers at Wintech Ltd means complex façade panels are now easier and quicker to achieve; ultimately making them more cost effective.

An inventive new method of using engineering technology has been developed to make complex geometry façade design exceptionally more efficient and cost-effective.

Complex Geometry 2

When working with flat triangular or quadrilateral panels to achieve complex curved forms, Wintech Design Ltd have made it possible to easily create fully optimised panelisation studies and automatically generate detailed manufacture information. Using complex computer software,  façade engineers are now able to provide even better, simplified and highly effective solutions to the most complex architectural façades. Wintech’s optimisation studies use an advanced iterative algorithm which maximises the use of repeating panels. What’s more, this breakthrough allows for a rapid increase in the design programme and through economies of scale will significantly reduce production and design costs. This process dramatically reduces the complexities of designing complex geometry façades and automates the creation of necessary shop drawings. Early studies of complex geometry buildings can easily be achieved to give clear indications as to how the façade may be constructed in practice.

Wintech innovation

Prior to this innovation, each panel on a multifaceted façade was often considered as unique and therefore each single panel designed and manufactured individually. This creates a myriad of time-consuming challenges and proportionally a significant design cost. Wintech’s system gives engineers the ability to generate a full façade design automatically with as few unique panels as possible by optimising the panel set out and linking in to parametric design software. The parametric design software automates providing the manufacture information. This significantly reduces the design program as an automated computer driven process eliminates the potential for human error within the design. By passing the design information directly to CNC driven machinery the accuracy and programme of the manufacture process may also be improved. It is this advancement that now enables futurist architects with aspiring visions of complicated designs to come forward with distinct ideas which Wintech can develop into detailed construction designs. One of the problems often associated with landmark complex geometry is finding contractors willing and capable of taking on board such significant design responsibilities.

The face of a structure crucially sets the tone of what the whole building represents as it naturally creates an instant impression with the public. With this level of importance in mind, the new developments that Wintech have made in optimising the design and construction methods of façade panels are extremely beneficial to advancements in geometric architectural reform. The new automated system makes the production of panels for complex façades easier and faster; ultimately giving the modern-day visionary architect scope for making authentic, futuristic ideas a reality.


 “Often with contemporary landmark projects there is a compromise between what can be imagined and what is practical to actually design and build. With Wintech’s process, however, whatever the architectural vision, the detailed façade design can be easily delivered. Fabrication information may also be issued directly to the contractor, to provide a greater degree of design certainty reducing risk, the contractors design period and associated costs.”
Paul Savidge, Wintech Group Operations Director.

Wintech capabilities

Wintech provides independent façade consultancy for design, procurement and construction advice on all aspects of façade engineering and building envelopes across the world. Wintech is unique in providing Façade Consultancy, Façade Design, Curtain Wall System Design and Façade Testing all within a single group of companies to building owners, architects, main and specialist contractors in addition to system houses. Our consultants and engineers collaborate across the globe with professional teams to deliver successful landmark projects, making us part of the success of many major international projects.

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