Abell & Cleland

Berkeley Group are expanding into Westminster with another significant development within this central London area.

Abell & Cleland are two residential developments designed by the Stirling Prize nominated architects DSDHA. The buildings are situated in close proximity to the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament, with the scheme eventually bringing 275 high-quality residential units to the area.


Prior to the reconstruction, these ex-government structures from the 1980’s were heavily clad, casting shadows from every side. The new buildings aim to provide a level of sophistication and modernisation that complement the existing buildings in the surrounding area. Abell House has a load bearing façade made up of white precast concrete creating a degree of articulation in the external elevations; the external reconstituted stone being testimony to what can be achieved to echo the extensive traditional use of white Portland stone throughout the area.

The elevations will also comprise of floor to ceiling glazing. The envelope of Cleland house echoes that of Abell house while subtly differing in classic variations of materials and hierarchy.

Wintech are providing an extensive scope of consultancy services from the production of the original facade engineering specification through to design audit and site QA for each of the phases in conjunction with EPR Architects who are responsible for delivery.