Eastbury House

The revival of a riverside building by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners will brighten the Vauxhall Nine Elms area of London.

Currently sitting opposite the Tate Britain is the outdated 1960s Eastbury House, blending well within its largely monochrome, dilapidated surroundings. Members of the Lambeth Planning Committee have granted permission for the redevelopment of this riverfront building located on the South Bank of the Thames close to the heart of Central London.

The fresh, new, high-quality mixed-use development, by avant-garde developers St James of Berkeley Group, will comprise of three stepped bays varying in height to create a dynamic skyline. The blocks are to be 14, 21 and 28 storeys and will accomodate apartments, offices and a cafe.

Merano Residences

The new structure on Albert Embankment will be formed with RHSP’s signature steel-cross bracing. These will stabilise the simple concrete frame and the east and west facades made of glass which create a light transparent envelope. Vibrant, “popping” colours will be employed sensitively to the undersides of the balconies, instantly brightening the surrounding area as well the building’s exterior.

The glazed sides will contrast to the solid north and west facades which are planned to be lightweight insulated panels with an external rainscreen, potentially fabricated from a perforated metal sheet.

St James have appointed Wintech to perform a full facade consultancy and design services  on the development through a series of stages; from the development of a whole building cladding and glazing strategy to specification, fully detailed design and on site validation of works.

This development comes as a promising edition to the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area which was predicted increased investment after the completion of the Shard project; working with developers St James in contributing to the vision of recreating a lively riverside area beside the Thames.

UPDATE: This development is now more commonly known as the Merano residences.