Wind Tunnel Testing

Alliance in Wind Engineering

Wintech have established an alliance with BRE with the objective of providing an improved scope of Wind Engineering services.


This closer working relationship allows us to better integrate our systems to provide a more competitive service to clients. BRE is an independent and impartial, research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation and the oldest provider of wind tunnel testing in the UK.

In this joint collaboration, the firms will provide expert advice, engineering and testing services for tall and complex buildings affected by wind. This new initiative can offer purpose-built resources and detailed façade performance knowledge.

BRE and Wintech have been working together for over ten years carrying out wind tunnel studies and cladding design on a range of complex structures. Services include consultancy based desk studies, CFD, full scale and wind tunnel tests; two large wind tunnels are available for the testing and assessment of wind effects on buildings. This partnership intends to potentially improve timescales and overall cost for clients as well an enhanced quality of wind engineering services through a more integrated working relationship with a wind tunnel laboratory.

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