Facade 2014; Conference on Building Envelopes

An industry event conducted by the European Facade Network is to take place this November in Switzerland.


The Facade 2014 Conference on Building Envelopes is specifically themed “Adaptive Building Envelopes”, with guest speakers giving insights into contemporary trends. Held on 28th November, the international event invites renowned engineers and architects to review new developments and technologies related to the building envelope. Scientists, engineers, architects and industry partners from more than 20 countries will participate in the programme.

One of the speakers at the event, Fabio Favoino, is currently doing a PhD at Cambridge University and being sponsored by Wintech Limited. The talk, “Towards the Future Generation of Adaptive Glazed Building Envelope”, will cover topics like integrated renewable energy sources, indoor environmental quality and how adaptive building facades are improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The conference is conducted within the framework of the European Facade Network; an interest group and competency network of several universities with the aim to advance education and research in the field of the building envelopes in Europe.

Find out more by visiting the website: http://www.hslu.ch/t-facade2014 and download the flyer.

UPDATE (December 2014): You can find the presentation to download here: http://www.slideshare.net/Wintech-Group/f-favoino-efnafc2014luzernwintech