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Wintech & Dow Corning Deliver Innovative Solutions

The Riverlight development in Battersea is a triumph in architecture and engineering, with the exteriors of the 6 buildings being one of the most prominent features.

The façades of the prestigious pavilion towers have been designed to achieve optimal thermal performance. Wintech joined forces with Dow Corning to identify a solution to meet a challenging design detail, without inhibiting functionality.

Dow Corning’s Architectural Insulation Modules and 3362 Silicone Insulating Glass Sealant contributed to the attainment of the desired U value for the balcony doors.

“Our close association with Dow Corning and shared know-how permitted a speedy resolution for this challenging aspect of the glazing, which supports the overall building efficiency. We increasingly place greater importance on these types of collaborations which pave the way for the use of clever and appropriate innovation for the construction of smarter buildings.”

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