Wind Testing Istanbul Airport

As part of the scope on the new proposed Istanbul Airport, Wintech have carried out desk based and wind tunnel testing assessments to determine:

  • Passenger comfort and safety levels on the ground and car park of the development
  • Cladding loads on the facade and roof of the airport building
  • Structural loading assessment on the airport building
  • Snow loading assessment on the roof of the building

DSC_2049 - autocorrected - reduced size

The tests were performed on a model of 1:300 scale in the NSA Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (CTSB 2015) at CSTB in France.

Istanbul Airport is set to become the world’s largest airport terminal with a gross floor area close to one million square meters, making it one of Wintech’s largest Wind Engineering projects. The Turkish government describes the project as having “outstanding aesthetic features and a simple and user-friendly layout.”