New Office, New Jersey - USA

New Office, New Jersey – USA

A new branch of Wintech has opened for business as the company expands its international horizons to the United States.

The office in New Jersey will be the main station for managing new and existing projects in the field of Façade Engineering Consultancy in America.

Since the recent move of Wintech’s UK Headquarters the existing branches in London and Dubai have continued to grow on the recognition that the company is the largest dedicated and most reliable façade specialists of its type in Europe it has expanded into the US market to further consolidate work done in North America in past years.

‘The formation of a United States office is a really exciting opportunity for Wintech. We aim to directly deliver our unique skill set of façade engineering and detailed design services to the United States, building significantly on our experience of this market. We feel our specific skills in the environmental engineering aspect of performance façades being a key USP in this new market for Wintech whilst maintaining our overall goal of improving both the quality and value of the façades for our clients.’ – Paul Savidge, Managing Director

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