Wintech CEO to Chair Building Regulations Sub-Committee

The Society of Façade Engineering have formed a sub-committee in support of groups within the industry that have been responding to the increase in Fire Safety matters post-Grenfell.

CEO of Wintech, Chris Macey, has been appointed to chair the committee which will work alongside CIBSE to respond to the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

Through the current society Chairman, Saverio Pasetto, a call has been made for experts within industry who have experience in the fire and environmental performance of building facades. Experts are being called upon to support the work of the group by responding to the call for evidence in relation to the current regulations by the DCLG.

The objective of the independent review is to ensure a sufficiently robust regulatory system of building, housing and fire safety legislation and associated guidance which creates a framework through which fire safety is embedded, assessed and assured through the full life cycle of a building.