High-Rise Buildings Convention - Cyprus edition

High-Rise Buildings Convention – Cyprus edition

Will you be attending the High-Rise Buildings Convention as it arrives in Cyprus on 23rd of February 2019?

Our Associate Director and Façade Engineer Clyde Abela will present an overview of Façade Systems for High-Rise Buildings at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Limassol.

Wintech has been previously involved on a number of projects in Cyprus including The Oval in Limassol, Cyprus. Providing design audit services, Wintech had played an active role within the project development.

The presentation will explore façade interfaces with the structure and provide a detailed look at options for incorporating balconies in façade design and implications of each approach.

Different solutions for addressing complexity in façade design will be discussed, ranging from optimization of architectural massing to reduce the number of unique components early on in the design process; down to methods for automating manufacture and fabrication of complex forms to reduce costs and design time.

Meet Clyde during the second session (10:30-11:45) and inquire to broaden your network.

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High-Rise Buildings Convention - Cyprus edition