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A Call on System Design

Wintech are producing market-driven façade system designs giving companies the benefit of their 36 years’ experience in hassle-free window and cladding product development.

The focus of any design and development plan is having an implicit understanding of the market in which the product will be sold, the features that are necessary for product differentiation, use of new technologies, eventual client base, selling cost and metal content and, importantly, environmental and weather performance demands.

Wintech have been involved in the formative development of a range of systems now commonly available within industry and prepared for clients on a confidential basis; many benefitting from grant funding. Wintech are in the unique position of being involved on major international projects. Wintech have defined the empirical techniques and features in their designs that make a successful product in diverse markets.

Façade system design is a highly specialised discipline requiring particular expertise and will include concept development of systems prior to client sign off, which will automatically consider structural U-value analysis, regulatory compliance.

Ultimately, the process culminates with the delivery of detailed component drawings, systems manuals, loading tables and all the necessary information to allow the contractor to manufacture their new product.

As part of the dedicated Systems Engineering Department within Wintech, our engineers are able to offer confidential engineering support and have a full portfolio of completed projects including bespoke unitised curtain walls, complex geometry façade systems, curtain walls, windows, doors and cladding systems. These have included hinged, swing and sliding doors, lift and tilt/slide bi-folding door systems, brise soleil and louvres.

Wintech are currently involved in a number of overseas development programmes including research work with Cambridge and Staffordshire Universities; this offers systems engineering clients the benefit of a wider industry perspective than might otherwise be available from a non-specialist design house.

Traditionally, new systems are designed in thermally broken aluminium. However, the ever increasing demand to improve thermal performance necessitates the consideration of both pulltrusion and timber products which are also catered for by Wintech. System design involves the use of up-to-date computer simulation for both thermal and structural design analysis as part of the design process.

Throughout the development process, Wintech’s clients are fully supported. Not only are the concept and detailed design created, but the manufactured components such as extruded profile sections, gaskets and thermal breaks can be checked for compliance design. Complex components can be rapid prototyped – built as 3 dimensional objects from a CAD file.

Wintech can meet your aspirations with a complete bespoke tailored design and testing service. If you would like to launch a new system or even create your own new in-house products, we would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail at a confidential meeting.

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