Wintech collaborate with CWCT and industry leaders on embodied carbon calculation

Wintech are collaborating with CWCT to develop an industry wide standardised approach for calculating the embodied carbon in façade systems. In the move towards Net Zero Carbon, a common methodology of calculation and uniform methods of reporting are necessary to enable comparison between projects and for industry-wide benchmarking. Medha Gayathri Nilayamgode, our Sustainability Consultant, is working as a part of a CWCT sub-committee formed with this aim, consisting of representative sustainability leaders from the industry. The methodology will be devised on the basis of BS EN 15978:2011 Sustainability of construction works.

Collaboration within the industry is extremely important for sustainable development. The purpose of the committee is to help enable whole-life carbon calculation in all projects in the façade industry and to promote responsible decision making in the design process in order to achieve net zero carbon. We hope that this will lead to the formation of an extensive database of façade carbon assessments.

This will form a part of a series of guides CWCT has already published to help façade professionals understand the field of Sustainability and the priorities in the field. Learn more about Wintech’s sustainability commitment here.

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