International Women in Engineering Day 2022

At Wintech we strive for an inclusive and diverse environment, 33% of Wintech’s engineering team are represented by women and we continue to progress and strengthen this number each year.

According to recent research from EngineeringUK women in engineering only make up 16.5% of the engineering workforce. In a series of posts on International Women’s Day we are proud to provide an insight into some of the inspirational women at Wintech; Tara Sabri, Mohini Patel and Begona Martinez.

“Knowing that all my efforts to open the door will one day also benefit others makes my personal achievement all the more satisfying.

I believe that working for a diverse company with colleagues from all over the world, challenges a professional like myself in adapting to different cultures and educational backgrounds while benefiting from each person’s diverse professional experiences.”

Tara Sabri, Facade Engineer

“I’m proud to produce outstanding projects; improving the design of buildings to achieve new energy performance and meet environmental challenges.

Working inclusively, we create an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and can contribute their ideas regardless of gender.”

Begona Martinez, Facade Engineer

“I feel fortunate to be surrounded by female engineers who are incredible sources of support and inspiration.

I am proud to work for a company where diversity-related issues are acknowledged and discussed openly and frequently. I no longer feel like I’m seen as a female first; I am an engineer.”

Mohini Patel, Facade Engineer