Wintech join Browne Jacobson at Building Safety Act Forum

Wintech are collaborating with national law firm, Browne Jacobson, at the Building Safety Act forum. Nadha Dawood, Director (Expert Witness and Legal Disputes) at Wintech, alongside experts from Browne Jacobson will be examining key questions arising out of the Act in detail including:

  • What issues arise out of Building Liability Orders? To what extent can companies restructure to avoid these issues? The Building Safety Act does not alter the Building Regulations – what issues remain unclear and / or problematic for designers and constructors?To what extent do the changes in the Building Safety Act leave contractors and designers open to additional claims? In particular, what impact will the following have?Extension to limitation periods 

  • Defective Premises Act 1972 / expanding the right to claim under this Act to cover any work undertaken on an existing dwelling, provided that work was done in the course of a business (so including maintenance and refurbishment)

  • Bringing into force section 38 of Building Act 1984

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