Clyde Abela to Present at Society of Façade Engineering Event

Join Wintech’s Operations Director, Clyde Abela, as he presents on the Centre Building Redevelopment – London School of Economics. The upcoming SFE event will be held at the Scücho International KG London office on Thursday 8th June.

“The Society of Facade Engineering event offers a platform to showcase innovative ideas and solutions. It’s an opportunity to connect with industry experts, exchange invaluable knowledge, and inspire advancements in building envelope design”.

-Clyde Abela

With the centre building forming the heart of the LSE campus, the presentation will focus on the development of the façade concept and how it contributes to the overall thermal comfort of the building when combined with thermal mass, excluding reliance on mechanical equipment for the majority of building spaces.

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Images courtesy of RHSP and Joas Souza