Wintech sign Memorandum of Understanding with UoW and attend Future Homes Strategy launch by Andy Street and Mark Farmer

Thank you Dr Paul Hampton, Janet Bayley and Prof Prashant Pillai for the warm welcome and invite to participate in the double celebratory event. 

Firstly, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Wintech and the University of Wolverhampton, cementing the relationship between the two establishments and secondly, the launching of the consultation of the Future Homes Strategy for West Midlands, held at the state of the art NBI.

The Future Homes Strategy event for the West Midlands was opened by Prof Prashant Pillai MBE, and inaugurated by Andy Street and Mark Farmer, announcing £200m to expediate the development of more homes in the region. Representing Wintech were Paul Savidge, MD, Gurprit Bassi, Director, and Parmjeet Kooner, Head of Marketing and External Partnerships.

Andy Street commented, “We are determined to tackle the region’s declared climate emergency and meet our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2041. With Homes for the Future, we have the opportunity to drive an increased supply of new homes, support existing businesses, create new ones, develop skills and improve the quality of new homes. By ensuring that our green ambition is embedded into all new construction projects from the start, we will be making our new homes liveable, sustainable, and resilient to the climate crisis”

Paul Savidge added, “Achieving our nation’s targets for a sustainable future will require a collaborative approach from all stakeholders — industry, academia, local authorities, government, and communities. Only by working together can we create meaningful impact and build a resilient, environmentally conscious foundation for the generations to come.”