Foster & Partners Welcome Wintech CPD on Embodied Carbon of Façades

Thank you to Neesha Gopal at Foster & Partners, for inviting Wintech’s Façade Engineer, Tara Sabri, to present a CPD on Embodied Carbon of façades. The objective of the CPD session was to share insights, and engage with architects who are committed to understanding the impact of their design choices on carbon emissions.

Reflecting on the session Tara commented, “The CPD was really well received, it was fantastic to engage with architects that were passionate about the built environment and curious about the repercussion of their design decisions on carbon emissions.” Drawing from her background in architecture, Tara has applied that knowledge within her role as a Façade Engineer offering a unique perspective on sustainable design. Tara further commented, “As an Architect, I can appreciate the challenges and the importance of staying up to date with Industry knowledge and supporting architects to make informed choices that resonate with their client’s sustainability goals, this underscores the vital role of continuous learning and collaboration in our field”.

The CPD session provided a comprehensive comparison of embodied carbon across different façade types coupled with strategies to mitigate carbon emissions with early-stage decisions which are typically made by architects.

Wintech is in the process of launching a series of CPD’s tailored for our clients, architects, facilities managers and decision makers that would like to learn more. While the full range of CPD’s are yet to be launched, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. If you would like to learn more about Wintech’s CPD offerings, please contact us.