Regulator: Majority of higher-risk applications ‘not valid’

In a recent article by Construction News, it has been revealed that more than half of submitted applications for higher-risk buildings (HRBs) have been rejected as they lack the “basic information” required to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

With the implementation of the new building safety regime, effective from April 6th, it is imperative that developers adhere to the stringent requirements set forth by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) or brace themselves for potential costs and further project delays.

Annette Hall, Health and Safety Executive operational policy lead for the HRB regime, emphasises that technical compliance remains unchanged; however, the processes for demonstrating compliance have evolved significantly. Developers must now navigate a complex landscape of regulatory gateways, requiring meticulous diligence at each stage.

Under the Building Safety Act 2022, HRB developers must engage with the BSR at key milestones, including the critical gateway two assessment phase. This statutory process demands comprehensive documentation and adherence to functional requirements, underscoring the importance of partnering with experts who comprehend the intricate nuances of regulatory compliance.

At Wintech, we not only recognise the gravity of these regulatory shifts but also stand ready to support all stakeholders through the design process. Leveraging our extensive design heritage, we offer a streamlined single point of responsibility, ensuring that all necessary documentation and plans meet the BSR’s stringent requirements.

The necessity for a collaborative approach among clients, architects, façade designers, contractors and sub-contractors is now indisputable. The traditional practice of deferring design decisions until later stages of the project cycle will not only incur financial ramifications but also risk significant delays.

With over four decades of design heritage, Wintech have been at the forefront of providing comprehensive façade engineering solutions. Our commitment to a single point of design responsibility, creating safe and efficient buildings, aligns with the evolving needs of the Building Safety Act (2022) supporting the construction industry. To enhance this commitment, Wintech now provide a unified design approach inclusive of façades, fire, mechanical & electrical and façade access design consultancy.

Read the full article from Construction News here.