5-6 Esplanade, Jersey

Located in the financial heart of Jersey’s Business District, 5-6 Esplanade development is the 3rd Jersey venture for which Wintech have been contracted by Dandara to offer façade consultancy services.

Designed by Axis Mason Architects to a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM Standard, 5-6 Esplanade comprises of 59,000 ft2 of office space extended on 6 floors. To minimise maintenance and convey a sense of quality, use of granite was proposed for the external building envelope. Stone elements intertwine with stick curtain wall on all levels and intermediate vertical composite stone cladding. The use of stonelite panels which are light enough to be supported by the curtain wall system achieves a sense of grandeur, often associated with traditional granite structures.

The primary structure of the building consists of composite deck slab with ribbed steel profile at the bottom and in-situ reinforced concrete on top. Columns and beams supporting the floor slab are made of steel I-sections and box sections.

Wintech was approached by Dandara to deliver specification and design audit on the development. Services of site monitoring and factory visits completed the scope of façade consultancy services helping meet all the requirements compliant with British Standards and Jersey regulations.

Image courtesy of Dandara