Burton Place

Wintech played a significant part in the transformative journey of Burton Place.

Confronted with challenges regarding the façade’s composition due to predominately being constructed with combustible timber materials, the decision was made to completely overhaul the façade including the removal of all windows, sliding doors, balcony and terrace timber decking and timber shutters to all balconies complete with all cavity barriers.

Wintech were appointed by project managers, Callidas, to conduct full consultancy services ranging from preparation of performance specification, through to design review of drawings prepared by Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium and site monitoring throughout project works. The design being conducted in accordance with a performance specification prepared by Wintech. The specification and design eliminated any combustible material from the façade, with the ultimate issue of the EWS-1(external fire wall review) form.

The project demanded a phased approach ensuring minimal disruption to residents. Each phase saw meticulous removal of combustible materials, including timber cladding and decking, and their replacement with innovative, non-combustible alternatives. Although the project was phased, tenants/owners, pets and their belongings had to be decanted out of their properties for anywhere between 8 to 14 weeks to allow for the complete timber through wall to be taken out.

The team worked tirelessly, overseeing every aspect from performance specification to on-site monitoring. The new façade now boasts state-of-the-art SFS stud walling, aluminium cladding, and meticulously crafted shutters, faithfully replicating the original design while surpassing safety standards.

Home England’s visits throughout the project affirmed the dedication to quality and safety, commenting that the standards set on Burton Place would be a benchmark for other building projects being remediated.

The 7-storey block, houses 90 apartments over six levels with an enclosed private garden and ground-floor business units.