Glass Bridge, Centre for the Unknown

A remarkable glass bridge which connects two building structures is the stunning visual feature of the Champalimaud Biomedical Research Centre in Lisbon, Portugal.

Champalimaud Bridge
This facility was made for state of the art medical research which investigates problems such as cancer, brain damage and blindness. The impressive cylindrical bridge is encased in steel and curved panels of laminated glass. The walkway and railing also consist of laminated safety glass for elegant transparency. Architects Charles Correa Associates from Mumbai, India designed the facility which is known as “The Centre for the Unknown”. The facility is uniquely located near the area where the river Tagus meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Glass Bridge, Centre for the UnknownWintech provided Façade Consultancy on the glass bridge which was completed in 2010 and awarded honourable mentions in the Aesthetics and Technique categories of the International Footbridge Awards 2011.