Greenwich Energy Centre

The striking 49-metre high chimney has been named “The Optic Cloak” owing to its abstract exterior formed by hundreds of lightweight triangular perforated panels inspired by dazzle camouflage used on First World War ships. These would have been seen in close proximity on the Thames many years ago and the Greenwich Peninsula District Low Carbon Energy Centre offers a nod of respect to history.

Wintech were pleased to work alongside the British artist Conrad Shawcross in collaboration with CF Moller Architects. The new Energy Centre will power thousands of local homes; serving the largest residential new-build district heating system in Europe.

The brief presented to Shawcross desired an element of disguise for the Greenwich Energy Centre tower to conceal the chimney with a unique skin. The cladding tiles fold and flow across the surface of the tower forming complex geometric patterns that create an uneven, sculpted surface.

Wintech were appointed by the main contractor Kier to oversee the design and engineering and monitoring of the work on site for this new London landmark.