Istanbul New Airport

The new airport in Istanbul aims to serve a capacity of 150 million passengers per year once fully complete. Istanbul New Airport will comprise four terminals with Terminal One becoming the largest under one roof in the world; measuring a gross floor area close to one million square metres. It will essentially become one of the world’s largest enclosed spaces.

The Turkish government describe the project as having “outstanding aesthetic features and a simple user-friendly layout.” The structure is characterised by a vaulted ceiling that facilitates passenger flow. Geometric patterns are incorporated alongside hues and tones that echo Istanbul’s ever-changing light. The international team of architects comprise Nordic – Office of Architecture, Grimshaw Architects and Haptic Architecture. Scott Brownrigg are the lead designers.

The design phase of Wintech’s involvement on the Istanbul airport project has focused on assisting with the technical support of the architect’s design; providing concept design, structural, thermal and acoustic engineering.

Also as part of the Façade Engineering and Consultancy scope, Wintech have carried out wind tunnel testing assessments to determine cladding and structural loads. The designs and engineering of the façades also needed to consider seismic activity and earthquake resistance; the façades were therefore designed to accommodate very significant dynamic movements and loadings in this context.

Images courtesy of Scott Brownrigg.