Paddington Village, Hemisphere

Wintech are delighted to be part of the prestigious Hemisphere project for Sciontec which received the go ahead at Paddington Village by Liverpool City Council recently.

Hemisphere is a Grade A commercial office building and has recently received approval from Liverpool City Council for its planning application. The development aims to be the first ‘Net Zero Operational Carbon’ building in Liverpool and will provide 120,000 sq. ft of innovative workspace over eight-storeys.

The building will be designed to showcase a part of the human anatomy – the brain. Getting its name from the two sides of the human brain, where the right hand cerebrum is creative and imaginative and the left academic and logical, Hemisphere will embody these characteristics.

Wintech have been appointed as Façade Engineering Consultants from stage 3, to support the pre-construction design and development of the building envelope.

Congratulations to Sciontec’s commercial team and the consultants involved, who include Curtins, Bruntwood SciTech, AHR, Stantec, Ares Landscape Architects Ltd, Artin Light, Silcock Leedham Group Limited, Walker Sime, Flinders Chase, RWDI

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