QP District, Doha

The colossal commercial development in Doha aims to make Qatar a central financial hub for local and international businesses.

Comprising 10 high-rise towers, the QP District by architects KEO International Consultants will be located in the West Bay business area. Nine of these buildings will accommodate office space and the remaining one is designed as a hotel. These are arranged in two formations spiralling in opposing directions. The outer ring of office towers ascend in height in a clockwise direction while the inner ring of 3 office towers and hotel ascend in a clockwise direction.

The glass facades of the towers are protected from the sun’s rays by a metal screen inspired by traditional protruding windows enclosed within a carved latticework screen. The cladding is a unitised curtain wall with a mix of glass and terracotta tiles and an external screen of vertical sun shading and horizontal louvres.

Wintech were assigned on the job to deliver 3rd Party Facade Consultancy Services including Design Monitoring Services and Site Installation & Testing Monitoring Services.