The Ceramic Building, 87 Newington Causeway

The Elephant and Castle area inherited a new urban development, facilitating the pedestrian connectivity whilst creating an animated streetscape onto Tiverton Street and Newington Causeway. The Ceramic Building on 87 Newington Causeway is 24 storeys high and accommodates a 140-bedroom hotel, 49 residential units and a ground level retail unit.

The mixed-use scheme is integrated into the Southwark region within the wider London context, positioned across another sustainable Wintech project, Two Fifty-One. On the lower levels, the building follows a triangular pattern to create a robust street frontage which forms a storey podium for the tower. This layout allows the building to embrace a dynamic form which is easily accessible and fitting within the site complexities. The angled elevations change the aspect of the building when viewed from different angles, while providing quality views of the city as well as solar access without overshadowing neighbouring buildings.

Each corner of the building is defined by either a winter garden or an open balcony to provide a continuous vertical appearance that is separate from the horizontal and vertical rhythm of the distinctive ceramic façade. The development comprises of different façade systems, mainly stick curtain wall on the first levels and unitised panels from level 4 to the top floor. The unitised panels accommodate various materials such as glass, perforated aluminium panels and terracotta tiles, and have been designed to provide high acoustic performance. One of the most interesting characteristics of the building is its high terracotta fins and spandrels with alternating colours that change from darker tones on the lower levels to lighter variations on the top floors, enabling a unique visual effect during the day.

Wintech have worked closely with SPPARC architects and Neobrand No.2 Ltd. to help achieve a sustainable development and ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating. Our involvement within the strategic development and design process helped oversee the need for a safe pair of hands with regards to all façade aspects. Specification, witness testing and site monitoring services were delivered to the scheme, as well as assistance with the tendering process.

Images courtesy of Neobrand No.2 Ltd