Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi

Yas Arena, located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE is part of the 130ha mixed-use area under development by Miral on the island’s southern end, and represents the main focus of Phase One.

Described as ‘an integral part of Yas Bay’s waterfront destination’, the arena has a capacity of 18,000 seats, expecting to be fitted with systems that will reduce the energy and water consumption. Estimated savings of 22.4% on energy and 28% on water for each year have brought Yas Arena a 2-Pearl Estidama Building rating from the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

The façade features unique, self-shading, illuminated panels designed to minimise heat gain on the envelope, assisting in creating a temperature-controlled environment within Yas Arena, therefore reinforcing its flexible character for hosting multipurpose events throughout the year.

Wintech worked in Rhino, Grasshopper software and specialist tools written in C++ to redefine and optimise the geometry to fit with the façade material and system constraints for their client BAM International. This involved generating initial surface geometry from the Architect’s BIM model, offsetting these surfaces to provide the position of the various layers of construction and generating the mesh panelisation. At each stage, Wintech worked to enhance the geometry to simplify construction whilst maintaining the architectural intent.

The shape of the building provided various geometrical challenges when the properties of the specific façade and roofing systems used were considered – the building consists of mostly planar surfaces, though there are also a number of severely twisted surfaces; in places combinations of up to five surfaces on different twisted or flat planes intersect at a single point.

The output from Wintech’s work was used to generate the project BIM model and was distributed to BAM’s various subcontractors to inform their system concept designs and shop drawing process.

Concurrently, Wintech worked alongside BAM and its façade subcontractors to audit their submittals and coordinate the Client’s requirements and those of the building geometry.

Yas Arena has been awarded the MENA Green Building Award on the Sustainable Building Design category in May 2018. It was also selected as a finalist in the Unbuilt Sports and Recreation category at the International Architizer A+ Awards in July 2018.


Images courtesy of Miral