Glazing Surveys

Wintech provide expert advice on all aspects of glass installation and glazing matters. Our accredited consultants carry out in depth glazing assessments in compliance with relevant British, European, or International standards and with application to the Approved Documents within the Building Regulations. Surveys are carried out on-site by a consultant who will determine the gravity of the defect and help see that a pre-planned maintenance programme is scheduled, if necessary.

In cases where insulating glass units with seal failures are present and inclusion extraction is needed, Wintech can arrange for laboratory chemical analysis sessions.

The areas covered by a typical glazing assessment include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Atriums and Conservatory glass
  • Water ingress and Drainage investigations
  • Material Quality
  • Visual quality of glazing
  • Insulating Glass Units with Seal Failure
  • Spontaneous and other breakage types
  • Inclusion Analysis
  • Condensation and ventilation issues
  • Sealant incompatibility
  • Design calculations
  • Safety, security and thermal (glass type and function analysis)