Wintech has extensive experience in calculating bespoke thermal bridges in both 2D and 3D applications.  We provide both analytical and concept design services so are ideally placed to both analyse thermal bridging factors and offer advice on improvements required for 2021 Part L compliance. In addition to using our façade expertise to modify details to meet thermal compliance requirements Wintech also has expertise to advise on all façade performance criteria at junctions and interfaces, which must also be considered. 

Our extensive database of existing calculated thermal bridges and parametric analysis tools enables the provision of high-level advice for your project from the outset, to inform what is potentially achievable, and help target the worst performing areas respectively; something which the industry as a whole has often struggled to understand.

Wintech are façade experts, which means that we can optimise junction and interface detailing to maximise efficiency, whilst also considering all of the other performance factors required.  Our large database of existing details means that we can provide instant input from the outset, and our suite of calculation tools means that we can target the worst performing details and perform both 2-D and 3-D calculations.

Gurprit Bassi


Facade Engineer/Director